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Trump has been in the middle of many ridiculous scandals caused by journalists in the recent months. The latest being a fake dossier that was unverified but released to the public regardless by the mainstream media. The dossier stated that Trump had paid a prostitute in Moscow to urinate on his hotel bed in protest of former president Obama who had supposedly stayed in the same suite.

Trump has essentially declared war on US media companies — CNN primarily — because of its false reporting and blatant bias. Surprisingly, Anonymous seems to have similarly begun a war with President Trump this past weekend.

Recently Anonymous tweeted a guide on how to hack Donald Trump’s phone. President Trump is said to have kept the same Galaxy S3 he had used before being sworn in. In Anonymous’ tweet, they stated that the latest software released for the phone was Android 4.4, a version that was last updated in 2013 and has many security holes. Anonymous claims that he could be hacked extremely easily with a simple malicious link alone.

“A Galaxy S3 does not meet the security requirements of the average teenager, let alone the purported leader of the free world. […] Hacking a Galaxy S3 or S4 is the type of project I would assign as homework for my advanced undergraduate classes,” the Hacktivist group stated via Twitter on Friday. If verified, Trump’s continued use of the phone could pose a national security threat.