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A new open source tool was released by the Tor Project team for iOS and Android, allowing users to perform a wide range of tests on personal networks. Per a CNN money report, Ooniprobe monitors networks for censorship and surveillance and informs the user when a website in censored in one’s area.

The Ooniprobe app displays a welcome screen upon launch that gives information on how the app works and shows how collected data can serve as evidence of censorship events. OONI’s data reports that no websites are blocked in the United States. Europe has blocked piracy and gambling websites, France has blocked Islamic extremism websites, due to recent terrorist attacks, and China has blocked a significant amount of websites per the “Great Firewall.”

On another note, there are some potential risks of using the software. The innovative app states “anyone monitoring your internet activity (e.g. ISP, government, employer) can know that you are running ooniprobe. […] when testing websites for censorship, you will connect to and download data from provocative or objectionable sites (e.g pornography) that might be illegal in your country.” The app encourages one to consult a lawyer prior to running the software. The chief developer of the Ooniprobe software told CNNTech, “Not only will we be able to gather more data and more evidence, but we will be able to engage and bring the issue of censorship to the attention of more people”