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http://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/11/tor-enabled-phone-offers-various-layers-of-security.htmlTor-Enabled Phone Offers Various Layers Of Security – Android Headlines Tor-Enabled Phone Offers Various Layers Of SecurityNow, some of you have probably heard of a Tor-enabled smartphone by Tor Project.


https://darkwebnews.com/anonymity/turks-floc-tor-amid-gov-social-media-ban/Turks Flock to Tor after Government Blocked Popular Social Media Sites Tor and VPNs Take Center Stage as Anti-Censorship Tools Tor usage has seen an upsurge in Turkey following the government’s ban on popular social media sites in an ongoing nationwide censorship.


How Online Tools Have Changed The Drug Market – Forbes ForbesHow Online Tools Have Changed The Drug MarketForbesTo access these markets, users need the Tor browser, the domain of the market, and often an invite or secret passcode. These markets look and feel very similar to Ebay, with detailed and numerous categories, buyer and seller reviews, and steep fees.


http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/tor-userbase-turkey-explodes-exponentially-due-government-censorship/Tor Userbase In Turkey Explodes Exponentially Due To Government Censorship Bypassing these artificial blockades is proving to be quite easy, though. In fact, a lot of global Internet users sees merit in Tor, the browser software often associated with the darknet.


https://analyticks.wordpress.com/2016/11/26/tor-phone-is-antidote-to-google-hostility-over-android-says-developer/Tor phone is antidote to Google “hostility” over Android, says developer @tachyeonz : The Tor Project recently announced the release of its prototype for a Tor-enabled smartphone—an Android phone beefed up with privacy and security in mind, and intended as equal parts opsec kung fu and a gauntlet to Google.


http://www.itechpost.com/articles/57753/20161123/tor-project-creating-ultra-secure-private-version-android.htmTor Project Is Creating An Ultra Secure And Private Version Of Android – iTech Post Tor Project Is Creating An Ultra Secure And Private Version Of AndroidThe controversial Tor Project is now making a new version of a Tor-enabled mobile device that could excel Google´s Android phone operating system by concentrating exclusively on privacy and security, considering the delicate concerns that the search


http://www.digit.in/mobile-phones/tips-and-tricks-to-enhance-your-browsing-experience-on-android-smartphone-32568.htmlBest tricks to enhance your Android browsing experience – Digit DigitBest tricks to enhance your Android browsing experienceDigitIf you’re a paranoid user who wants to stay completely anonymous on the internet, then the Tor browser must be your default desktop app. It’s also available for Android in the form of Orfox which is built over Firefox.


http://ostatic.com/blog/mozillas-firefox-focus-browser-protects-your-tracks-onlineMozilla’s Firefox Focus Browser Protects Your Tracks Online If you’ve used incognito browsing features, or even the Tor anonymity tool, you’re already familiar with the concept of avoiding online trackers. Now, Mozilla has launched a browser for iOS users that offers security features that block unwanted trackers.