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A new open-source application called OnionShare was just released, allowing users to anonymously and securely share files. Similar to Dropbox, the service allows you to upload files and share them with the world. Surprisingly there is no limit to the size of files that can be shared either.

Onionshare uses Tor to host files from your computer and provides a temporary shareable URL that can be used to easily transmit documents. The Github repo for the project states, “It doesn’t require setting up a server on the internet somewhere or using a third party file-sharing service. You host the file on your own computer and use a Tor onion service to make it temporarily accessible over the internet.”

Gizmodo recently wrote a piece on the new software, claiming it “lets the next Snowden share big files securely and anonymously.” The use of the software allows the senders of the files to remain anonymous to the recipient, making it extremely useful to send vital information to journalists or government organizations.

To share files one must open the Tor Browser in the background, drag and drop files or folders into the OnionShare app and click “Start Sharing.” The application will then output an onion URL that can be used to download the file. One can even choose to have the connection to the client close automatically after a single download to prevent multiple people from accessing the file. You can learn more about OnionShare and download the software on their Github page here.