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A joint effort between Spanish authorities and the United States FBI has resulted in the arrest of the creator of the Neverquest banking Trojan. The trojan was primarily used by criminals to steal banking login credentials. The trojan was capable of recording keystrokes, taking screenshots and stealing passwords from the infected computer.

Per a statement by the Spanish Police, they arrested a 32-year-old Russian citizen by the name of Stanislav Lisov. The arrest took place at a Barcelona airport in El Prat. Lisov was arrested on an FBI issued warrant through Interpol, before his intended flight from Spain to another country in the European Union.

The translated report stated, “Lisov, was considered a major operator of NeverQuest, having been charged among other illicit, of the creation and administration of a network of computers infected with NeverQuest by means of the leasing and acquisition of servers of computers used to administer that network.”

The investigators searched through his servers in France and Germany and found many lists of information from financial institutions with account balances, among other things. It is reported that one of the servers held millions of usernames, passwords and security questions and answers. The NeverQuest software is said to have caused financial loss of about five million euros.