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On Tuesday, House Republicans voted to approve legislation allowing internet service providers from selling the browsing habits and data of millions of Americans. This legislation overturned the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) ruling in last October that required customers to approve the sale of their data. The new ruling passed 215-205 in the House and 50-48 in the Senate.

In a plea from House Democrat Keith Ellison of Michigan, he stated on the House floor, “There’s gotta be someone in that body [of GOP lawmakers] who believes Comcast, Sprint, and all the rest should not have anybody’s underwear size in this body. It is an outrage.” On the other side of the aisle, Representative Bill Flores of Texas said the current ruling by the FCC “may jeopardize [consumers’] confidence in the internet” by creating confusion and the repeal is necessary. Republicans argue if ISP’s illegally share data against their ToS, consumers could sue.

In a statement on the day of the vote, the White House stated they are in support of the bill and president Trump is expected to sign it into law. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight for the Future and the American Civil Liberties Union (which is against all of Trump’s policies even if they increase liberty) — all oppose the bill.