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Iraqi hackers by the name of Pro_Mas3r defaced a Trump donation website yesterday. The hackers defaced the donation page and left a note stating “Hacked by Pro_Mast3r ~ Attacker Gov Nothing Is Impossible Peace From Iraq.” The reason for the attack is currently known, but it could be inferred it is part of a retaliation against President Trump’s supposed “war on Muslims.”

The website was hosted at secure2.donaljtrump.com and was managed by Cloudflare. The server is currently down with the new donation page hosted at secure.donaldjtrump.com.

Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning those from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen from entering the United States in an effort to curb terrorism and secure the border. His order was said to be a “Muslim Ban,” but did not include countries like Pakistan with the highest Muslim population in the world. The 7 countries outlined in the executive order are ridden with terrorism and do not have strong central governments — if any. The countries are not able to provide vital national security information about their citizens entering the US. This attack is likely fueled by this travel ban preventing Iraqi citizens from entering the country for the next 120 days.

President Donald Trump’s was inaugurated on January 20th of this year and his slogan was “Make America Great Again.” Trump planned to do this by giving the power back to the people, creation environments for jobs to grow, support military and police and rebuild vital infrastructure. Another vital component of his campaign was securing the United States borders.