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The dark web sells a ton of drugs in its many dark net markets. From Alphabay to the Silk Road, you can always rely on the vendors there to get your drug fix. An annual study by the Global Drug Survey organization turned up some interesting results. More and more people are getting drugs from TOR! We will go over the specifics of the surveys and what it means in relation to TOR.

We are using results from the Global Drug Survey. They obtain their results by: ” Using anonymous online research methods Global Drug Survey runs an annual survey in 10 languages, which is hosted by partners in over 20 countries. We work with global media giants around the world who act as hubs to promote our survey and our findings, ensuring that the first people to see the results are the general public. Survey findings are frank, honest, and revealing. GDS explores the positives and negatives of drug use and detects new drugs trends as soon as they appear. GDS has a unique insight into personal decision-making about drug use . Our international networks of researchers and specialists have extensive experience in data analysis and report writing”. They are a reputable company whose results can be trusted.

Since New Zealand had a good range of results, lets study their information first. About ten percent of Kiwis admitted to smoking some marijuana within an hour of waking. That is a staggeringly high number! Obviously, that many people do not have connections to a drug dealer. More than sixty percent of participants said that their drugs were obtained through TOR. Some basic math reveals that TOR is supplying six percent of New Zealand with marijuana. While most people were proud of their habits, about a quarter wanted to cut back.

Of course, New Zealand is not the only  county that needs their daily fix. Germany and the USA were also part of the survey. About fifty six percent of the drugs in the USA and in Germany come from the dark web. TOR is taking over one of the most lucrative illegal business’s in the world! Indeed, drug peddlers can make millions of dollars on the dark web. If you are interested in a more detailed analysis, check out this article: http://darknetmarkets.com/883160-2/ which does a detailed analysis on drug peddler earnings. Basically, the top dealers can make millions, which smaller sellers can still make six figure salaries.

With over a hundred thousand users taking part in this survey, the results are accurate. As we already showed earlier in the article, the survey is trust worthy. It is surprising that this many drug users were willing to participate, but these results help many understand the rise of TOR in the drug world. More and more people are turning to substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and MDMA. The dark web is there to scoop up these new customers. Where there is demand, there will be supply.

Some people are calling TOR a glorified drug market. While their opinion is untrue, there is some truth to it. Drugs are becoming more and more popular on TOR, much to chagrin on the creators. Whatever the case, TOR is taking the world by storm through its huge drug markets.