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Foreign governments have instituted major internet censorship activities in the recent years, with these attacks ramping up more recently. Earlier this month we reported on the blocking of Tor in Turkey that resulted in the privacy of millions of citizens being compromised. The increase in government censorship infringes on the liberty of many and allows the government to surveil the country with increasing ease.

Per Tor Project statistics, users directly connecting to the network spiked from next to no users to approximately 350,000 between January 1st and February 17th of this year. The reason for the large rate of growth is currently unclear, but it is possible there has been increasing censorship in the United Arab Emirates.

The data seen in this graph shows the increasing demand for Tor software due to oppressive regimes, and a lack of freedom in many areas of the world. Similar data is seen throughout censorship-ridden countries such as China, Cuba, Turkey, and Russia.