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A deep web site is crowdfunding the contract killing of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  The admin of the site claims to be part of a famous group that defends people’s rights, and he (or she) is agitated about the white supremacist leanings of many of Trump’s associates like Bannon.  The admin is apparently a cybercriminal who has launched attacks in the past against corrupt governments, but he (or she!) says that such cyber attacks are not enough to stop Donald Trump. The administrator’s identity remains unknown, but he (or she!) can rest assured that the Secret Service, FBI, NSA and CIA are hot on his trail – and he (or she!) better hope that the recent zero-day Firefox exploit has not exposed his IP.  We suspect that the crowdfunding campaign is actually just a scam to steal Bitcoin, similar to the ‘Besa Mafia’.  We are NOT going to link to this contract killing site because we don’t want to encourage this kind of absurd behavior.