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The new TorWorld initiative recognized the important nature of the Tor network. TorWorld is a project of the CryptoWorld Foundation, a group that provides anonymity services. The goal of the service is to educate interested parties on how to set up a Tor Relay or Exit Node.

In an interview by BleepingComputer, with one of the TorWorld’s founding members, Beard, he stated, “After we had an issue with our Guard nodes being removed by our ISP at the time because of a misunderstanding, we thought about possibly setting up a service dedicated to running Tor nodes, and educating people on Tor.” Beard wanted to make it easier for the general public to deploy Tor servers with ease, therefore he created a set of open source scripts to assist with the feat.

In the future, users are said to be able to easily deploy a Tor node with a click of a button with their service. TorWorld would give activists, journalists and others who are subject to censorship the ability to setup a hidden service on Tor and host their websites on a .onion URL.

The TorWorld service was just launched last week, therefore it is still in the early stages of development. However, there are many open source scripts already live. The team has an extremely large agenda perfectly suited to propel this into a unique service that can be used by thousands worldwide.