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Earlier this week a 19-year-old Canadian College student by the name of Yibin Xu was caught and charged with infecting his college’s computer systems with malware. There were multiple instances of meddling in the network with the first malware infection on November 17th and continuing through December 8th.

Reports to the technology team of malfunctioning computers alerted the University in late November of the possible breach. Based on Edmonton Police Service’s report, the university’s IT team found the password-stealing malware on a total of 304 computers. The first incident claimed 287 computers, and the second, seventeen. The malware-laden computers could have potentially affected upwards of 3,300 school staff and students.

Gordie Mah, the university’s chief information security officer stated in an interview with CBC news, “[the] particular malware was designed to harvest the university’s primary identification password.” He also stated that if obtained, the campus’ ID could have been used as an avenue to compromise the university’s email service.

The local police’s report stated, “Yibin Xu, 19, is charged with mischief in relation to computer data, unauthorized use of computer services, fraudulently intercepting functions of a computer system and use of a computer system with intent to commit an offense.”