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Signal is an encrypted instant messaging application developed by Open Whisper Systems. The software is available for both Android and iOS. The popular messaging app has just launched its new video call feature in it’s latest update. Signal uses end-to-end encryption to secure communications and is considered one of the most secure messaging apps. Privacy advocate and whistleblower Edward Snowden stated recently, “use anything by Open Whisper Systems.”

The new features allow users to audio and video call natively. Signal is integrated with iOS 10’s Callkit allowing users to experience a native calling experience with a large focus on privacy. The new video calling feature is currently in beta and must be enabled via the advanced settings area within the app.

Per a blog post, last year Signal receive a subpoena requiring the company to provide information about multiple users including subscriber name, payment info, IP addresses, email addresses, logs, cookie data and other information associated with the phone numbers. However, Signal only keeps limited user data and provided simply the dates and times of when the account was created and when it last connected to the Signal servers.