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Several months ago, hackers calling themselves the ‘Shadow Brokers’ stole weaponized NSA cyberwarfare software from the ‘Equation Group,’ which was the hacker group that originally stole the software. After failing to sell the software to the Chinese and Russians, the Shadow Brokers mostly disappeared, with the NSA and CIA hot on their heels.

Until now.

The group has popped up again, selling the NSA’s weaponized cyberwarfare software – including the dangerous STUXNET virus which was used to attack Iran’s nuclear reactors – on a web platform known as the ZeroNet. The Zeronet exists on the Bittorrent network, somewhere between the ‘clearnet’ and the ‘darknet’. The Shadow Brokers listed the NSA hacking tools for sale on the zeronet with the byline ‘you like, you email, you buy.’