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Early this week, Stackoverflowin — a grey-hat hacker — set out with a goal to educate awareness towards network security. The hacker developed a script that searches through printer ports that are left open and sends printing instructions to any found device.

There was a slough of printer companies affected by his script including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung, etc. The script targeted Internet Printing Protocol Ports, Line Printer Daemon ports, and port 9100 left open to the internet. Often times these ports are left wide unknowingly, leaving systems extremely vulnerable. Printers are often used as entry points in corporate network infiltration as well.

Security researchers have concluded that misconfigured or insecure printer settings are major risk in the current age and there should be more awareness surrounding the issue — Stackoverflowin’s attempt was a very successful one, with over 150,000 owners notified of their exposed networks.

Here is the script-sent message to the affected systems,