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Netflix has just launched an open source web application called Stethoscope. The application seeks to provides information and educate on how to better secure your computers, smartphones or tablets. The majority of attacks on businesses are targeted at staff who have failed to properly secure their devices, therefore Netflix has set out to help seal these holes.

The Stethoscope tool scans devices and then provides recommendations of security measures that can be taken, such as enabling automatic updates, enabling firewall, encrypting disks, screen lock, etc. The Netflix software is python-based and implemented as plugins, therefore the application is easily scalable and new security checks can be added with ease.

In the announcement on their blog they stated, “We believe that Netflix employees fundamentally want to do the right thing, and, as a company, we give people the freedom to do their work as they see fit. As we say in the Netflix Culture Deck, responsible people thrive on freedom, and are worthy of freedom. This isn’t just a nice thing to say–we believe people are most productive and effective when they they aren’t hemmed in by excessive rules and process.” If one has similar goals for their businesses, trying out Stethoscope is said to be worth a shot.

The source code for Stethoscope is available on Github, and anyone is free to contribute to the development of the project!