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iOS 10.3 was released last week, reportedly fixing hundreds of bugs and increasing the security of the popular operating system. The new iOS update is said to include support for CarPlay features, the ability to share episodes from the Podcasts app via messages and the ability to watch iTunes video rentals cross-platform.

While the iOS 10.3 update fixed many security flaws, it also created a brand new hole. Google’s Project Zero security experts discovered a flaw that would allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip. Only phones newer than the iPhone 5S with 64-bit processors were affected.

Apple rushed to patch the security hole, releasing a new iOS 10.3.1 version today. They state, “a stack buffer overflow was addressed through improved input validation.” It is suggested that users install the update as soon as possible to prevent the exploitation of the bug—Settings → General → Software Update.