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Five Ohioan inmates from the Marion Correctional Institution (MCI) were caught with makeshift computers built using parts discovered around the prison in late 2015. The report was released earlier this week showing the unauthorized computers found by corrections officers were reportedly hidden in the ceiling of a closet. The five men, Adam Johnston, Karen Gallienne, Jason Bunting, Carl Brady, and Randall Canterburry are said to have been using the computers for over two years.

The Ohio corrections facility released a report stating the men used login credentials of a retired prison employee to access the facility’s networks. As if building a computer within the confinements of a prison is not insane enough, the men were able to use transact Bitcoin and use the web freely with the use of Tor.

Per the investigation report, “findings of bitcoin wallets, stripe accounts, bank accounts, and credit card accounts point toward possible identity fraud, along with other possible cyber-crimes.” It is believed that a failure of inmate supervision on the part of MCI officers was the root cause of the inappropriate behavior.