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In response to the recent zero-day exploit attack, TOR developers have been tinkering with a sandboxed version of TOR, which is currently only available for linux systems.


In geek jargon, sandboxing is a security mechanism that segregates running processes so that an application vulnerability cannot be leveraged to exploit the underlying OS.  It is kind of like running an app in a cage, whereby the virus – if there is one – cannot get out to wreck havoc on the machine.

Sandboxed apps work with their own separate portion of the memory and disk which is not linked to the OS.

Most modern browsers like Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome use sandboxing by default to run code they receive from websites.  Thus, if the code is malicious, it doesn’t infect the whole computer.

TOR did not use this technique, which allowed the FBI to run exploits against it. We are happy to see that the TOR developers are hard-at-work developing a sandboxed TOR browser!

So far, it is only available in early alpha stage here:


SuperGeeks can compile it from source code: