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Bitcoin is the crypto currency that runs the dark web and TOR. To buy anything on TOR, you will need Bitcoins. Paypal and other fiat transfers simply do not offer enough privacy to match the level needed for TOR. Buying Bitcoins should be a quick and easy process, but it is not. With the amount of scammers out there who steal people’s identities, getting hold of some Bitcoin can be daunting. We will go over the best ways to efficiently get Bitcoin in this article.

The first method you want to use in Coinbase. It works with credit and debit cards, perhaps the only service to do so. It is the best website to use for US users. The one drawback is that Coinbase requires you to verify your identity before making any purchases. If you can come to terms with this issue and submit your ID, you will find that getting Bitcoin is quite easy. Problems start to arise when you don’t want to, or cannot submit ID proof of your identity. Do not worry however, as some of the other methods on your list may fit your needs better.

European users with a 3D Secured credit or debit card can use a website such as Coinmama. They have a high commission attached, but they offer quick Bitcoins with very little verification needed. Using a service like Purse is a good way to trade in debit or credit card funds for Bitcoin as well if you are OK with losing thirty percent on each transaction. Purse allows you to buy stuff off Amazon in exchange for Bitcoin.

If you have cash, then buying Bitcoins is quite easy. Go to LocalBitcoins, a reputable trading website. It is quite safe, and may be one of the most reputed exchanges in Bitcoin. Depositing cash into a sellers bank in exchange for Bitcoins is safe, quick, and easy. You can usually get your coins just minutes after you deposit the money. LocalBitcoins holds the Bitcoin’s of the seller in an escrow so you can be sure of the fact that you will get your coins after you deposit the cash. Using gift cards and other monetary items is easy here too. The sellers are really distrustful however, so the less risky your transaction is, the more coins you will get.

The last method we will cover in this article is Paypal. This infamous company in known around the Bitcoin community for how reversible it is. It is as easy as pie to reverse a transaction made with this fickle company, so most users will not go near it. Many fools have been tricked into selling their Bitcoins for Paypal and having the transactions reversed as soon as the Bitcoins are sent. Remember, Bitcoins are not reversible! Using a website like Virvox is your best bet here. They are a reputed company and allow you to indirectly purchase Bitcoins. Simply create an account, buy “lindens” and sell these lindens for Bitcoins. It is an ingenious and safe way to buy Bitcoins with Paypal that many users have used. High fees are involved however, with a ten percent commission being taken by the website.

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Hopefully you will be able to hop on the unstoppable train that is Bitcoin with the tips in this article. Buying Bitcoin is indeed possible!