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TOR is a creepy place. There are a lot of scary websites on it. We realize that many of you probably do not know of some of the creepiest ones. In today’s article, we will be ranking the six most terrifying websites we could find on TOR. Without further ado, let us get started!

In sixth place, we have the human experiment website. The founders of this TOR link feel that not all humans are equal. To prove their point, they go out and find people to perform pointless experiments on! They say that their subjects are homeless people, and that they can accommodate up to eighty “patients” at once. Experiments are done live for paying customers. They starve patients by withholding food and water. They inject bleach into pregnant women. Radiation exposure to babies has been done too. Basically, anything goes. Many insane people pay high fees to see these acts live. This is definitely one of the creepier websites you will ever see!

Most Disturbing Sites on the Dark Web human experiment

Fifth on our list is the Cannibal Cafe. This forum is a website where cannibals can meet to discuss human recipes  and other cannibalism related stuff. There are terrifying posts that vividly describe how to cook women so they stay alive long enough for you to enjoy the freshest meat. With no reason to believe that this site is a scam, this is definitely a scary TOR room.

Most Disturbing Sites on the Dark Web cannibal forum

The fourth scariest website we could find is a human leather store! They literally make products out of human skin! They use “only the freshest corpses” for their products. Whether they kill humans to make the products or raid cemeteries, that is one terrifying place on TOR!

Most Disturbing Sites on the Dark Web human leather

Third on our morbid list is the animal abuse website. Similar to the human experiment website, they perform various “experiments” on animals with the intent to hurt and torture them. Definitely not a site I would want to go near! They perform many violent acts in private. These acts are performed in countries with extremely lax animal rights laws.

In second place we have the demon summoning TOR room. The owners of this room are Satan worshipers, and describe how to summon Satan and other demons. While the information on this website is almost certainly false, it is still scary!

The top website is almost certainly a scam. Hit men sites offer the ability to take out people in exchange for cash. Most of these places will collect your Bitcoin and ignore you. The Chechen mob has their own hit man service that can be found on TOR. They say that they will kill anyone for “the right price”. The right price is a flat fee of ten thousand dollars per person.

Yes, the owners of these websites do have unusual tastes, as do their visitors. But what else did you expect when you clicked on this article? We cannot disclose any links, but a quick google search or TOR search can lead you to more information about the websites we mentioned. Try not to fall for any of the scam websites, but checking out the places I mentioned may be a fun way to get a quick scare!